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Park Avenue Gold Exchange - Current Price Chart

This chart represents the current prices per Pennyweight that Park Avenue Gold Exchange will pay for gold of each Karat type. The columns from left to right represent the volume pricing available to customers who have larger quantities of gold to exchange, but no transaction is too large or too small. All are welcome.

Park Avenue Gold Prices per Pennyweight
(London PM Fix Rate $1712.00 Last Updated: 05/27/2020)
Karat 0-5 oz.
(0-100 DWT)
5-10 oz.
(100-200 DWT)
10-25 oz.
(200-500 DWT)
+25 oz.
(500+ DWT)
10K 22.11 24.96 28.53 32.09
14K 30.96 34.95 39.94 44.94
18K 39.80 44.94 51.36 57.78
22K 48.65 54.92 62.77 70.61
24K CALL FOR A 24K QUOTE – 407-218-5958
Gold Weight Units of Measurement:
31.1 Grams = 1 Troy ounce
20 Pennyweights (DWT) = 1 Troy ounce

   Park Avenue Gold Exchange pays some of the best prices in the industry and bases those prices upon the chart above, which is updated daily on our website. The chart is based upon the London PM Fix Rate, an international gold market established once per day at the close of trading in London. The chart presents the price for one Pennyweight (also called DWT) of gold, and there are 20 Pennyweight in a Troy ounce. Use the left side of the chart to find the purity of your gold, and use the top of the chart to find the total quantity of gold you have to exchange. Don't be fooled when getting prices from other companies because many will only tell you their prices for large quantities of gold - and hide the inferior prices they'll pay you for more ordinary quantities of gold! Similar to our competitors, Park Avenue Gold Exchange can and will pay higher prices to customers who have larger quantities of gold to sell, but unlike those competitors we recognize that most customers have between 0 and 5 ounces of gold (0-100 Pennyweight or DWT) to exchange and we proudly update our real and industry leading prices for those quantities of gold in the first column of our price chart.